Keeping our Graduating Seniors Safe on Grad Night!

Project Grad Registration Forms

Your Senior will not want to miss this once in a lifetime event!  

Registration forms for Project Grad 2019 can be downloaded below.  We do need original signatures on the form, so please fill out, and either mail in or drop at the school with registration payment.

Memory Lane Posters

Make your senior a poster to celebrate who they are!  

Details and requirements can be downloaded below.  Memory Lane Posters can be dropped as early at May 6th!  Get started now to save yourself the stress at graduation.  

Senior Breakfast

Start graduation day on the football field with a breakfast for all seniors.  It's a perfect time to congratulate all of your student's friends before the big day gets underway!  

Click below to sign up to volunteer or contribute food to the breakfast!

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What exactly is Project Graduation?

Senior Parents….with 2019 upon us, I’m sure your thoughts are starting to turn to graduation!  It is such special, celebratory time for families, friends, and students.  One graduation tradition that you will not want your student to miss is Project Grad!  

If this is your first senior, or you’ve not had a student attend…I assure you that this will be a highlight of graduation!  It is an all night celebration for all seniors following the graduation ceremony.  It starts at 9:00, so there is time for photos and dinner with family before heading back to a completely transformed school that is setup to entertain your child for one last night with their entire graduating class, creating memories for a lifetime!  

The activities at Project Grad have traditionally been kept somewhat a secret to surprise our graduates, but it’s important that both you and your student know it’s a night of fun and adventure…many students never leave the Casino area as they love the gambling competition that earns them tickets to increase their chances of winning prizes such as laptops and tv’s!  Others spend their time and energy on the rock wall, jumpies, competing in Minute to Win-It games and other fun outdoor activities.  A Caricature Artist and Photo Booth can capture friends and their smiling faces one last time!  Food is plentiful, and a DJ keeps the atmosphere upbeat!  I’ve left some things to surprise…trust me, they won’t be disappointed!

As a Project Grad team, our goal is to create a memorable but safe environment for our students to celebrate after graduation…a project started with the CHP over 20 years ago to reduce teen accidents, incidents, and deaths related to drugs and alcohol.  I’m happy to say that there have been zero incidents since starting the event 21 years ago!  We hope to keep your student safe and entertained this year as well!  Our hope is always for 100% participation from the graduating class and we usually reach about 80%...let’s make this the biggest year ever!  

Please watch for the forms that come with the Senior Packet in the spring and make sure your student has the opportunity to attend!  

And if you need more convincing…join us at the Carrillo Royale on Saturday March 2nd at the Friedman Center…it’s our only event fundraiser, for adults and parents to get a “glimpse into Project Grad”!

Thank you for your support of Project Grad!

Melissa Frediani

President, MCHS Project Grad